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Grigory Rasputin – Light or Dark? Part III (A)


Very often, Grigory Rasputin was accused of drunkenness, debauchery, and even venality.  

To get to the bottom of the truth, we must understand why alcohol, sex, and money exist in the human world. 

Satan’s Tools

We must recognize that alcoholsexmoney, and so on are neither values nor qualities of Darkness, but effective tools of Satan to tempt and test a human soul.

The main goal of Satan is to make a person addicted, and in the long run – to gain complete control over him.

Negative Karma

At best, the addicted person will acquire negative karma, and retribution will prolong his spiritual existence; in the worst case, his soul will be decoded1

There is also an intermediate option – the person will be dragged into the Dark System with their CEO Satan to become His slave.

However, let’s take a look at alcoholsex, and money closer to Grigory Rasputin.


Grigory’s favorite alcoholic drink was Madeira with a strength of 18–20%, which is two times lower than standard Russian vodka

Since Rasputin was a peasant from a Siberian village, where the morning begins with a large glass of moonshine ( 40%), Madeira was for him a secular drink.

Actors and Doubles

Grigory’s enemies tried their best to denigrate him and compromise him in front of the tsar’s family. Some representatives of high society hired actors and doubles for the role of the drunken Grigory. 

False Admirers

Grigory’s daughter Matryona Rasputina wrote that her father loved music and dancing, was an inquisitive person, and was often molested by false admirers.

By slipping the drug into Grigory’s drink, they created an environment with naked women, and photographed Grigory, in order to blackmail and manipulate him. One of the cases is described in Maria Rasputina‘s book “Rasputin. Why?

World War I

It must also be understood that from the beginning of the mobilization of the Russian army for the First World War  (17th of July 1914) until his death ( 30th of December 1916), Grigory was in constant tension. His mission to influence tsar Nikolai so that he would not enter this war failed. 

At the same time, the Russian tsar sincerely considered himself the keeper of the good name of the Romanov dynasty and the savior of the Russian Empire and did not want to hear about any peaceBoth Nicholas and his wife Alexandra lost interest in Grigory. The number of Grigory’s fans and students also decreased. 


It must be understood that, as a clairvoyant, Grigory saw the consequences of the wrong Tsar’s choice. He saw pre-programmed projections of fate on himself, on the royal family, on the Russian people, and on the country. This future terrified him and provided huge stress

Such stress had to be extinguished somehow, but there was not much choice.

Sexual debauchery

Hieromonk Iliodor (Sergei Trufanov)2 was one of the main figures in slandering Grigory and accusing him of debauchery.  

Driven by pride and envy of Grigory’s fame and success, Iliodor, who by himself had much less energetic and spiritual capabilities, came up with various absurdities, including Grigory’s sexual relationship with the tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna.

Find more about Iliodor’s slandering of Grigory Rasputin in the screenplay The Tsar’s choice.

It’s documented that Grigory was faithful to his family with three children all his life


Grigory Rasputin with his kids © Photo-History


Arriving in St. Petersburg in 1903, he lived first in a monastery, then in the rooms provided to him by admirers. Only ten years later, i.e. in 1913, he moved into his own apartment on Gorohovaya street


While still living in someone else’s apartment, he brought his daughters to St. Petersburg – Matryona first, and then Varvara. His wife refused to leave the farm and move to the city, visiting them once a year. 

At some point, Grigory’s wife Praskovya Fedorovna underwent a total hysterectomy and she told her husband that she was ready for a divorce, but Grigory refused.


G. Rasputin’s with wife and daughter ©Wikipedia

No Female Victims

When political power came to Vladimir Lenin, the Bolsheviks began to look for materials to denigrate the tsar’s family through its inner circle. 

They announced they were looking for Rasputin’s female victims, but found none. Also, there was not a single case of pregnancy from Grigory. The close friend to the tsar’s family Anna Vyrubova/Taneeva, who was rumored to be Grigory’s mistress, was, in fact, a virgin, as confirmed by several gynecologists.


The most incredible rumors about Grigory spread not only in Russia, but also abroad and grew to unprecedented proportions. For example, in one of the English-language sources was said that Grigory’s real surname was Novy3, but among the people, Grigory received the nickname Rasputin for debauchery.

As the matter of fact, the word Rasputin with the root «put’» has several meanings in the Russian language: 1. Rasputitsa = bad road;  2. Rasput’ye = crossroad;  3. Rasputnik = libertine.  The correct metaphysical meaning of the surname Grigory belongs to the second meaning, that is, the crossroads, hinting at the Spiritual Choice of the Russian Tsar Nikolas the Second.

Find an alternate reality for Russia’s future in 2021 in the screenplay The Tsar’s Choice.


Rasputin spoke of love as the highest Christian virtue, but his bright intention was conveniently turned by his enemies into carnal “love” understandable to everyone.


 Soul decoding means a spiritual death of a soul.

Trufanov ended up abandoning faith and God, planning terrorist attacks against the existing government, organizing several assassination attempts on Grigory, and offering his services to the Bolsheviks.

3 “Novy” (new) was the first word of the little Tsarevich Alexei when he first saw Grigory. Since the name and surname Grigory Rasputin were widespread in Russia, it was decided to add the second surname “Novy” to the existing surname Rasputin. Since then, Grigory began to sign with a double surname: Rasputin-Novy. 

Note that two-word surnames with a hyphen were allowed at that time only for nobles  Grigory, however, was a peasant, so the tsar had to issue an order to give Gregory such a surname.

Other Notes:

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