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Grigory Rasputin – Light or Dark? Part III (B)

A photo of Nicholas II family with Grigori Rasputin.

Was Grigory tied to Money?

In his book “RASPUTIN: The Memoirs of his Secretary”  Aron Simonovich wrote that Grigory had a very good chance of getting rich, but he never had a monetary goal.

Having received some money from representatives of high society, ministers, and businessmen, Grigory immediately spent it on the poor who came to him for help.

Since Rasputin was not attached to money, he was a Spiritual entity moving toward the Light.

Luxury Lifestyle?

In Petersburg’s time, when Grigory moved into his own apartment, he led a very modest lifestyle. Only the room of his daughters was furnished with more or less good furniture. There was no luxury or anything like that in his dwelling.

His food was very simple. He ate the same meals as in his homeland in Siberia – potatoes, sauerkraut, and homemade crackers. He always observed the fast and never broke it.

Big Salary from Tsar?

Grigory never demanded a salary from the Nikolai II family
And being a healer of the tsar himself and, most importantly, the heir to the Russian throne from the very dangerous hemophilia, he did not demand anything for himself in return.
The only expense covered by the royal family was the monthly rent for his apartment

Grigory with the tsarina, her children, and their nanny. 1908 ©Pinterest

Find more about the relationship between Grigory and the tsar’s family in the screenplay The Tsar’s Choice.


Many hated Grigory because they could not make a puppet out of him and offered big money for him to leave St. Petersburg

For example, one of the ministers, who was thwarted by Rasputin, offered him 200,000 rubles ($2 million today) to leave the capital for his village of Pokrovskoye, but Grigory refused.

Was Grigory Not Tempted?

A logical question arises – if even Jesus was subject to the temptations of Satan, were there serious trials for the soul of Grigory? Certainly! 
Grigory was no exception because everyone who came to the dense physical world was tested.

Sexual Relationships?

He was tested by the high society lady, the pretty blonde Olga Lokhtina, the general’s wife.  Publicly and privately, she persecuted Grigory, demanding reciprocity in love. 


Olga Lokhtina ©LiveJournal

Only once did Rasputin commit adultery with Olga. Having repented of his sin, Gregory subsequently rejected all her further attempts to establish any sexual relations with him.


Following Rasputin everywhere with passionate declarations of love, Olga Lokhtina obviously greatly tempted Grigory’s pride. After all, just think about it – she, is a secular metropolitan beauty and he is a Siberian peasant who can barely read and write!
However, Grigory passed this temptation “cleanly”. This is an obvious sign that if he had any pride, he was able to overcome it.


Grigory Rasputin was a man of high energy and great spirit, most likely, who voluntarily took on a difficult mission and sacrificed himself for the sake of a better future for Russia.

After the brutal murder in 1916, Grigory’s body was buried in Alexander Park in Petrograd where later on was taken out and burned on the orders of A.F. Kerensky, the leader of the Russian Provisional Government ( 1917).


Symbolic burial place of Grigory Rasputin ©Dreamstime

Rasputin vs. Lenin

Unfortunately, most Russians still have an internal problem of separating the wheat from the chaff. Many blindly believe in propaganda and do not use their own thinking.

Until now, in the center of every Russian city, there are statues of the godless Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin), who gave the order to kill the royal family. There is also a mausoleum in Moscow with the carefully preserved corpse of the Bolsheviks‘ leader.

But this man pitted brother against brother, unleashing a civil war in 1917, which killed between 7 and 12 million people, mostly civilians.

In contrast, Grigory carried pure Love and Peace to all: ” I am Your Brother Sent by God” 

Prophet and Pacifist

Rasputin was a Russian prophet and pacifist who tried to convey to Tsar Nicolai II the danger of entering the First World War.  Unfortunately, Nicholas II wasn’t able to make the Spiritual Choice toward Light.


All of Grigory’s predictions about the death of the royal family and the terrifying future of Russia came true. It became time for Dark Ones

In Russia, there is not even a memorial plaque to Grigory Rasputin, and the only museum opened in his native village of Pokrovsky is funded by private sources.


Museum of Grigory Rasputin. Pokrovskoye. Siberia ©TripAdvisor 


Following the qualities and values of Rasputin, as well as viewing his reaction to Satan’s temptations, we must recognize that Grigory is pure Light, without a single sign of Darkness!

The Holy Bible advises us to separate the wheat from the chaff, and this is one of the most important tasks we must do in our lives.

This article, written in accordance with this wise advice, gives a direct answer –  Grigory Rasputin was a spiritual being moving toward the Light!



Painting of Tsarevich Alexei with Grigory Rasputin.

Tsarevich Alexei with Grigory Rasputin©Yapos



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