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Why War? Summary / Part D

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Everything is in our hands – thanks to Free Will            Jacklyn A. Lo

Support for Creative Writers

We have to admit that in most developed countries the popularity of religious institutions is rapidly declining. Therefore, people have to look for answers to their inner questions in alternative sources of information, that is, in books and films
It takes at least a year to write a script for a quality feature-length film and it usually takes several years to finish a serious novel. Very often, independent authors do their work at their own expense, with the clear knowledge that their time and resources will never be fully compensated.


The worst situation is in the film industry, where ideas are treated like garbage. Stolen ideas are a common way to succeed if you have the financial means but no creativity.
At best, an aspiring writer will get a paid job in a film studio. Unfortunately, this company will require him/her to write those episodes that bring in the greatest monetary profit but not the development of human consciousness.
Thus, state support should be organized for those writers and screenwriters who are able to raise questions of spiritual or metaphysical self-knowledge.

Recognition of the Energy Healers 

Currently, very little is known about such alternative medicine as prana, energy, and especially spiritual healers. These guys usually don’t get any government support to run their practice. Public or private health insurance, which usually covers the services of “approved” doctors, does not cover the bills of healers, so healers have to earn a living elsewhere, leaving their talent as a hobby at best.

Pharmacy vs Alternative Medicine

We have to be honest with ourselves – the drugs prescribed to us by the Western medical system often not only can’t help but also cause severe side effects. And the subsequent use of surgical interventions is associated with an even greater risk to the human body.
At the same time, a skilled energy healer is able to cure the disease without side effects.
One of the reasons for the poor acceptance of healers is due to a narrow view of the human body, where Western medical school does not provide any knowledge of the human energy structure(see pic. below)


@Subtle Energy Bodies of Aura
In the Western world, the easiest way to raise awareness of the human energy structure can start with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda.

Church Crisis

All humanity develops according to the Universal Laws of Evolution and Change. No one, no person, no organization is an exception.
However, religious institutions remain in one place. Providing outdated spiritual information, they are unable to meet the needs of the rapidly developing modern man. Such a dogmatic approach does not correspond to the current constantly increasing energy potential of a person who leaves the temple empty-handed – not knowing “Who I am”.

A Need for Change

Because of this, some spiritual seekers break away from the conservative “mother” church and organize more modern congregations. However, as a rule, after the death of the founders, the renewed faith is also “frozen” and becomes as conservative as in the “main” church.
Hint: why don’t you at least bring back the concept of Reincarnation, with which you could teach your flock additional concepts such as KarmaFree WillFate, and perhaps, Ascension?

Why War?

Our Spiritual Father, the Head of Light and founder of Values of Lights is against war. But following the Universal Law of Evolution and in order to teach us, He must keep to the Universal Law of Karma.
If humankind takes the opportunity to learn voluntarily, i.e. following the higher consciousness everything will go smoothly and we will enjoy peace. However, if the chance is missed, we will face a harsher reality, where war is a form of punishment that we ourselves have created.
Satan, the Head of Darkness, is the direct beneficiary of the war. War is one of His main Values. He takes care of possible leaders and candidates for participation in hostilities, as well as ordering a program to run a war scenario.



Choice – Karma – Consequence 

Since there is a choice behind everything, then on a larger scale, this is the Choice of the Spiritual Path, i.e.  Spiritual Choice.
Table. Choice-Karma-Consequence
* Only for souls with Free Will


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