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Why War? Part IX /A

A woman walks outside the maternity hospital in Mariupol

 “By their fruit, you will recognize them”     – Holy Bible


The current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin received political power in 2000.

By abusing his authority, he amends Yeltsin’s constitution, allowing himself to remain in power until today with a lifetime perspective.



The less you know…

To understand who Putin is from a metaphysical point of view, we must conduct a thorough check, using not only the “polished” official pages of the president but also independent information researchers.

Mr. Pu

Thus, based on open Internet sources, Vladimir Putin gathered an extensive list of “merits”, which David Sutter called “The less you know, the better you sleep.”

Since V. Putin was never officially under arrest or even under investigation, we will conduct our metaphysical analysis by creating a fictional character named Mr. Pu.

Time and place of birth

In accordance with the researcher Krystyna Kurczab-Redlich, Pu was incarnated into a human body 2 years earlier and in a place a thousand times smaller than it mentioned in his official sources of info. 

Initial Energy Potential 

Judging by the fact that Pu was born to a single mother, and grew up in a small place and in poverty, this did not contribute to his personal growth. This means that his original energy potential and therefore his level of consciousness were quite low.

However, at the age of almost 10, he gets a significant change by moving to the second large city in USSRSt.Petersburg (formerly Leningrad).

Change in Energy Potential

A city of nearly 5 million people gives little Pu much better opportunities for study, sport, and street life. He also had adoptive parents – both – mom and dad.

However, Pu’s grades, especially in subjects requiring logical thinking, are rather mediocre, despite the fact that he goes to the first grade at almost 10 years old (against 7 years old, as a rule).
Among his classmates, he does not differ in any leadership abilities. This confirms the low energy potential of his soul and, as a result, the low level of his consciousness.

Outstanding results in combat sports (if any) do not add a big bonus to his spiritual development.

Increasing Energy Potential 

Getting a law degree from the State University, several years of work for KGB, and attending refresher courses bring, however, extra energy potential to Pu’s soul reserve.
Nevertheless, according to Yuri Shvets, a former Soviet spy officer and fellow student of Pu in the Academy of Foreign Intelligence, Pu was also far from perfect in his professional studies.
The low energy potential coupled with weak analytical skills gives rise to several offensive nicknames for Pu. These facts once again indicate that Pu’s soul originally was rather low energetic.
Fig. 1 Upgrade of Pu's consciousness via education

Fig. 1 Upgrade of Pu’s consciousness via education

Time Management Issues

However, even after accumulating additional energy potential through education, Pu still has problems with organizational skills. He is especially bad at time management.

For example, Putin’s ex-wife Lyudmila mentioned that Vladimir was constantly late for their dates (poor organizational skills as a consequence of low energy potential).

This problem did not disappear even during Pu’s political career. He is chronically late even for official meetings with the heads of other countries! Even for a meeting with 77-year-old Queen Elizabeth II Putin showed up  14 minutes late

Before His Choices

However, let’s look at the reasons that brought this untalented person to the top of the leadership of Russia, the country with the highest ambitious people.

In 1990, the unemployed Pu returned to Leningrad and thought about working as a taxi driver, but he was unexpectedly hired by the mayor of Leningrad Anatoly Sobchak.

Spiritual Choice #1  => Money

Having experience working abroad, Pu has begun assignments on attracting foreign investment to the city. Most probably at that period of his life, Pu faced his first Spiritual Choice.  

A Spiritual Choice is always a tailored-made exam given to an adult individual to choose his Spiritual Direction – the Direction toward Light,  Direction toward Darkness, or Sub-direction toward DegradationThe Choice is always based on the Highest Intangible Values Values of Lights or Values of Darks.

Such Spiritual Choice seems to have appeared for Pu in 1992 when he had to decide whether to feed the starving people in Leningrad or steal the money dedicated to food.  According to “eyewitnesses” Mr. Pu chose the second option, preferring Spiritual Direction to Darkness.

Thus, he betrayed the fabulous city of Leningrad, to which he owed so much.


Having made the Spiritual Choice in favor of Darkness, Mr. Pu falls under the close attention of Satan

In order to encourage the potential victim, the Head of Darkness throws Pu a portion of energy, as well as other benefits of the material world.

Money, like alcohol or drugs, is addictive. Satan grabs the “compliant” and slowly but steadily drags him into his bosom to make him an obedient slave.

Spiritual Choice #2  => Power

Another famous tool of Satan is Power.  However, the addictive qualities of power are less known to the average person due to a lack of personal experience.

In August 1999, a weary B. Yeltsin announced Pu as his successor.

Pu faced  Spiritual Choice– to go to the presidential elections on the recommendation of Yeltsin only, or to organize a “special operation” to increase his own pre-election rating.

Mr. Pu chose the second option. In September 1999, several apartment bombings took place around Moscow and the region. Pu promised to find those responsible and unleashed a second war in Chechnya.

Thus, Pu did his second Spiritual Choice towards Darkness and won the presidential election

Achievement of Goal

Putin’s entire political career is accompanied by a series of mysterious deaths*.
For example, both foster parents die shortly before political elections. These deaths were followed by the death of Pu’s benefactor, the 62-year-old mayor Sobchak (2000), and several deaths around residential bombs in September 1999.  The ex-KGB officer Alexei Litvinenko, who wrote the book “The FSB blows up Russia” was poisoned by polonium and died at the age of 44

Achieving the goal of becoming the president of Russia gave Pu additional energy potential but coarsened his soul and as a consequence – his consciousness (Fig. 2).

*Murdering – a feature of Darkness


Fig 2. Change of Energies and Consciousness via Spiritual Choice towards Darkness

Fig 2. Change of Energies and Consciousness via Spiritual Choice towards Darkness



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