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Why War? Part IX / B

Satan's hooks for Pu

In the previous part,  we learned that having blackened his soul, Mr. Putin made double Spiritual Choices in favor of Darkness, and Satan rewarded him with money and power

Values of Darks

You might think that the Head of Darkness is a nice and generous guy. But is it really so?

We must know that Satan is the Founder of the Values of Darkness, represented by Greed and Injustice. At least that’s why the Head of Darkness can’t give something away for free.




The main goal of Satan is to get a soul into his complete submission, i.e. make it His slave. Since one or two Spiritual Choices are not enough for this Satan throws more and more baits to make a deal in which a person voluntarily gives up his Free Will

Addiction to Magic

Recently, Pu has shown great interest in magic.
According to rumors, he not only regularly travels to Siberia to take part in occult rituals with sacrifices, but also sincerely believes in the predictions made to him by shamans.
At the beginning of 2022, Siberian shamans had promised him: You will become better than all the rulers of the world!”. 

Loss of Free Will

This promise sounds extremely tempting to someone with inflated pride.
Isn’t the subjugation of supernatural forces what Pu gave up his Free Will to Satan for?

And the loss of Free Will means that All Decision Making is given away to Satan– no own Will anymore.

Addicted to money, power, and magic, Pu, having no Free Will of his own, moves into the abyss of Darkness, dragging a country of 140 million inhabitants with him.
Fig. 2 Loss of Free Will by Pu

Fig. 2 Loss of Free Will by Pu


Since the entire decision-making of Pu is outsourced to Satan, the Head of Darkness must also equip His servant with ideas.

Since new ideas are very expensive, and Satan is extremely stingy, he tosses Mr. Pu with the second-hand things of His former servants – Hitler and Stalin.

He especially mocks those who, puffed up with their own pride, consume with great appetite everything that Satan throws at them.


Hitler - Putin-Ukraine cartoon

Hitler – Putin-Ukraine ©V. Kazanevsky


Satan’s Second-hand

Among other things:

  • Stalin’s second-hand: the main message of Pu – the liberation of Ukraine from the “fascists” echoes the calls of the dictator Stalin for the liberation of the oppressed people of Finland (the wars of 1939/1941);

Symbols of Stalin & Hitler

If the representative of Darks Stalin had a utopian ideal of the victory of the working people over the bourgeoisie, he was worthy of a unique symbol – the hammer and sickle.  


 Hammer and sickle ©Wikipedia

Hammer and sickle ©Wikipedia

And another representative of Darks, Hitler, fighting for the prosperity of the Aryan race, deserved from Satan a hooked cross-swastika.

Swastika by the Nazi Party ©Wikipedia

Swastika by the Nazi Party ©Wikipedia

Symbols Z&V

And which symbol does Mr. Pu deserve?

It looks like he didn’t deserve anything else than just one of the letters from the Latin alphabet, i.e. letter Z, given to him by Satan as a joke – Zombie ;).


Putin's Z ©The Japan Times

Putin’s Z ©The Japan Times

The explanation for the choice of the letter is very simple.
Because the Zombie (Pu) remains under the control of the Sorcerer (Satan) as His personal slave with NO WILL of its own!


Pu's symbol V

Putin’s V ©frontier India

And the letter V, you ask?  

Well, if Z is for Zombie, then the letter V is for Voodoo, which confirms Pu’s addiction to black magic and his latest keen interest in Africa.

Artificial Soul

Driven by great pride, Satan himself is constantly seeking a competitive advantage over God.
His main dream of him is an Artificial Soul. Therefore, all his loyal servants are in constant search for it digging out Artificial Intelligence as an initial source. And Mr. Pu is no exception.

Is the world in the greatest danger?

So, you may be asking, “If Satan is in charge of Putin, does that mean the world is in the greatest danger?”

Well, Yes and No, since our future depends on ourselves, or rather, on our Spiritual Choice.


In more than 20 years of political activity, Pu made multiple Spiritual Choices in favor of Darkness. This led him to a complete loss of Free Will and complete dependence on the Head of Darkness Satan.

Since War is the most pleasant environment for Satan, He uses every opportunity to involve His slave servants like Pu in it.



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