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What is the Wrong Spiritual Choice?

Spiritual Choice


Due to the fact that we have been given Free Will, we have every right to make not only the Spiritual Choice of Light but also the Spiritual Choice of Darkness and the Spiritual Choice of Degradation.

However, in the Hierarchy of our God, the Spiritual Choice of Darkness or Degradation means the Wrong Spiritual Choice.

Spiritual Choice of Darkness

Let’s see what types of souls can make the Spiritual Choice of Darkness.

A. Young souls up to the ten lives

Young souls with limited experience of life in the human body usually do not know how to separate the “wheat from the chaff”. They often err, succumbing to the temptations of the physical world. Very often such a soul ends badly, and sometimes even in prison.

You will find excellent examples of such young souls in Terrence Malick‘s Days of Heaven (1978) and The Badlands (1973) Read more in my reviews of these films: Days of Heaven and Badlands.



B. A mature soul with a Spiritual Direction toward the Light

If a mature soul, moving to the Light, makes an erroneous Choice towards Darkness, then the Law of Karma comes into force, which allows a person to return to the mistake and work it out.

This Choice towards Darkness definitely prolongs a person‘s path to the Final Exit. Negative karma always brings suffering.
The Wrong Spiritual choice and the following karma are well represented in the films: Dracula (1992), as well as The Machinist (2004). Find my reviews of the movies: Dracula and The Machinist.

C. A mature soul which makes its final Spiritual Choice of Darkness

This is the last Spiritual Choice of man.

The soul can again return to the Earth or to another physical world, but without Free Will. The human soul which made its final Spiritual Choice of Darkness will be programmed for the will of its Master – Satan.

Find more about the loss of Free Will in my article “What was it like for the people who sold their souls, and what did they gain from it?”

Side Effects of Spiritual Choice of Darkness

Satan, the Head of Darkness, has devised sophisticated tools to lure a low-energy spiritual being* into his domain. And the main step of Him is to take away the Free Will from a person.


Satan's tools

             Satan’s tools. ©FRG Worldwide Oy


Since this action must be done by mutual agreement, Satan tries his best. He offers and also provides all possible material resources to His targetted victim – money, power, glory, etc.

The Head of Darkness is a really hardworking and purposeful worker, similar to a spider, who weaves a complex web to get a fly, and when the victim falls into a trap, he attacks it.

A. Loss of Free Will

Very often in the literature, the process of transferring Free Will to Satan is called the sale of the soul. Read more in my article “What was it like for people who sold their souls, and what did they gain from it?”

B. Fall into Slavery to Satan

After getting Free Will from the victim Satan gains complete control over him. Now Satan will use him as His slave, sending this human on assignments based on His own personal goals.

C. Non-return to the Hierarchy of Lights

In addition to slavery, the loss of Free Will also means that a person has forever refused the opportunity to enter the Hierarchy of Lights and missed his chance to become a Creator and a Head of Lights himself.

D. Decryption

On top of all that, in carrying out the orders of Satan, people very often commit unjustified cruelty and run the risk of being deciphered as a punishment for their actions. Decryption means the Spiritual Death of a spiritual entity, without going back in any way.

Therefore, the biggest disadvantages of the Spiritual Choice of Darkness are:

Loss of Free Will
Fall into Slavery to Satan
Non-return to the Hierarchy of Lights



  1. * spiritual being is any being whose carrier is the soul; a human in this article.
  2. This article is an edited version of the original from Jan 2, 2021


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