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Why War? Summary / Part B

Greek Phylosophers

 The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking Albert Einstein


Thinking is work and like any job skill, it needs to be developed.
However, the value of independent philosophy, free media houses, ideas, and creativity, even in the most developed countries, is catastrophically low.  Conversely, the value of tangibles, i.e. material things increases all the time.

mass thinking

Even in the most democratic countries big media houses constantly attack tiny, independent-minded companies. In their quest for absolute monopoly, these giants, supported by the government, create unbearable living conditions for their competitors.
In the end, open-minded media houses are forced to leave the market. As a result, society gets copy-paste mass thinking, easily amenable to any propaganda.
Someone may say “well, this is definitely not about my democratic country”. However, you have to be honest with yourself – the label “democratic” unfortunately does not guarantee 100% transparency and humanity.
Thereby improving the current situation for the benefit of society. there should be freedom and tax breaks for independent (alternative) media.

freedom of speech

The worst scenarios are presented in countries with limited or absent human rights, where freedom of speech is persecuted. A person with independent thinking can be declared a foreign agent, expelled from the country, imprisoned, and even killed.

absent of philosophers

Thousands of years ago, Greek philosophers wandering their country taught people to think. On the live forums and lectures, they not only shared their inner wisdom but also encouraged the audience to think and ask questions.
You will say: “But now we live in a different time, we have Internet forums where anyone can create a topic.” True, but these forums lack philosophical focus and meaning. Therefore, in most cases, they speculate about those things that their mind is hooked on.

need for a new knowledge

One solution to this shortcoming could be to increase the value of independent philosophy and new knowledge.

The rapid development of high technologies currently allows us to exchange and process a huge amount of information in a very short time.

This effectiveness ensures the prompt growth of the energy potential of the human souls. Such a potential no longer wants to accept old-fashioned religious beliefs, but has a strong need for a new level of knowledge “Who am I?”.

The new is the well-forgotten old

Delivering advanced knowledge “Who am I?” can start with Indian Vedas, ancient Greek philosophy, and astrology as well American (British) New Age.

Vedas ©TheHareKrishna

financial support

There is an urgent need to improve public and private grants for writers and screenwriters on the topics of self-improvement,  and self-development,  including Meditation* practices as well as Spiritualityand  Metaphysics.

You may be skeptical and say that there is no money in the state budget for such purposes.
However, we have to be honest with ourselves – some governments rather prefer back up the chronically unemployed with housing, food, etc for decades than support artists.

*Note:  Meditation is not only a great tool to purify the human mind, but also a powerful instrument for treating mental disorders.

effective political elections

At present, even in the “most” democratic countries, political elections are not only old-fashioned but also ineffective and costly. 

As a rule, only about 50% of all voters take part in political elections. They are guided either by the promises of one or another individual candidate or party. According to statistics, the majority of voters are 18-year-olds and pensioners, i.е. the least employed people.

passivity of voters

Financing a political candidate, i.e. person or party, is critical because the more money invested in marketing and advertising, the more attractive that candidate is to voters.

In this model, voters passively choose the country’s development program or a representative of the program. The program itself is compiled by someone else, but not by the voters themself

The passive participation in the development of the country, if any, gives a green light to the abuses of those who have received political power.

questionnaires for elections

In a truly democratic country, the master plan for the economy, politics, etc. must be determined by the people themselves.

Access to the Internet and the widespread use of mobile devices provide ample opportunities for all social groups to participate in the strategic planning of their country. For this purpose, you can use a multiple-choice questionnaire that does not require much time to complete.

interactive feedback

To fine-tune the country’s strategic movement, it is necessary to establish interactive feedback. The feedback must be an easily filled questionnaire with access to those who are above 16 years old.

limitation of presidential power

To avoid abuse of power, the president of a country should be hired as a country manager. That could be done on the basis of a list of merits or a resume, such as practices in a business corporation.

The salaries of top politicians should be based on the final result of their work, and not on an advance payment based on the results of the political election. Wages can be equal, for example, to the country’s GDP per capita with an annual bonus based on GDP growth.

political environment

To avoid the temptation of fame and luxury in the working environment, the parliament buildings should be modest and indistinguishable from other houses around.

The work environment should motivate country managers to serve their people, and not weave intrigues, trying by hook or by crook to prolong their stay in the palaces.

To maintain efficiency and prevent political dictatorship, the term of the country manager should be limited to 6-8 years.


 Parliament building in Budapest

cultural revolutions

It’s no secret that running a country with copy-paste public opinion is much easier than following the path of enlightened visionaries.
Just a few decades ago, the leaders of China, the USSR, and Cambodia realized the cultural revolutions“. The “Political Reforms” led to the death of millions of highly educated people who could prevent dictators. Ideological murders continue in our time in favor of the ruling dictators

dictator’s goal

The primary goal of a dictator is to embrace his own people with his brutalized consciousness. The next step is the spread of his consciousness on a global scale under the leadership of the Head of Darkness – Satan.


  • This is an edited version of the original article posted Sat, June 18, 2022, on the Spiritual Awareness blog.
  • The Main Photo ©Kupidonia

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