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Why War? Summary / Part A

Consciousness: Artist vs. Lawyer


What Spiritual Choice do you think Volodymyr  Zelenskyy would have made on February 24 of 2022 if twenty years ago he had gone to work as a lawyer whom he studied for?

Most probably his Spiritual Choice would be different, so our present moment would be different, and the future of humanity would be not the same.


We must recognize that Creativity is of much greater value than Logic or Analysis, and Artists* have the highest level of consciousness (between 75 and 100 levels). All other professions (including lawyers)  reflect a lower level of consciousness than Artists.

C Artist >  C Lawyer 

Artists mean musicians, spiritual preachers, healers, philosophers, writers and screenwriters, directors, painters, ideas-generators, etc.

Why War?

  • Our Earth is just one of the countless planets in the materialistic worlds of Our Spiritual Father, the Head of Light*
  • The creation of our planet and the people on it is the result of the need for a certain type of daily energies and a certain type of souls
  • The daily energies come from the thoughts, speeches, and doings of humanity, where the highest quality of energy belongs to our “Treasury Fund“, i.e. Artists.



  • Since the Artists have the highest level of consciousness, this allows them to have a broader vision of not only the Material Reality but also the hidden one, i.e. Metaphysics
  • However, there is a lack of recognition of the Artists’ value, so the Artists suffer from a lack of money and respect. Therefore, instead of developing their own creative projects, they are forced to look for a job with a predictable salary, which means under someone’s lower vision.
  • The Head of Light demands of us to have more souls moving towards Light, but the Spiritual Choice of Light is very challenging. This is especially difficult to do in an environment that supports superficial vision, that is, the exaggerated power of money and other values ​​of the material world.
  • As long as we meet the requirements of the Head of Lights, we will enjoy peace and prosperity. However, when the quality of everyday energies and the quality of souls deteriorate sharply, we get an extreme, i.e. WAR.
  • The Spiritual Choice of a Leader is essential, especially in wartime. 
  • At a certain point in history (for example nowadays) this can lead either to the development of the Values of Light (Choice of Light) or to the failure of the entire project of the planet Earth and humanity on it, in the case of Choice of Darkness.

Any Means to Prevent War?

But are there means to prevent war?

YES, indeed!

Our Spiritual Father always provides us with chances to prevent a WAR. 

In case we use this chance, humanity continues to move forward peacefully without violence. However,
if this chance for voluntary improvement is missed, we face dire consequences. One of these consequences is WAR, which brings suffering to a large number of people.

You ask: “And if the war has already begun?”

The Head of Lights is always watching over us, and He can stop the war run by  Satan at any moment. 

So what needs to be improved? Let’s make a list.

List of Improvement

We shall go through the List of Improvements in detail in the coming Summary Part B


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