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Development of Consciousness

Consciousness is the ability to see the World and Yourself based on the quality of the energies collected in your soul.

Development of Consciousness. Insight. Part III

Other Ways To Raise Consciousness There are other ways to raise personal consciousness such as migration to another country, digging out information following your curiosity, doing prayers, spells, etc. Let’s look closer at all of them. 4. Migration If one person forms an individual consciousness, then a group of people molds a collective consciousness. For example, a collective consciousness might belong to a small group of people such as… Read More »Development of Consciousness. Insight. Part III

Development of Consciousness. Insight. Part II

The Main Ways to Evolve Consciousness Like anything in the Universe, our Consciousness is a subject of Evolution and Devolution. According to my observations, there are three main ways of developing consciousness. These ways are:  Personalized Answers and Questions Vipassana Meditation Spiritual Choice of Light   1. Personalized Answers & Questions Always look for answers to your personal questions. The Internet, books, films, or people – all of these sources –… Read More »Development of Consciousness. Insight. Part II

Development of Consciousness. Insight. Part I

Our Low Consciousness We are all gathered here, on this dense planet, due to our low consciousness  –  Jacklyn A.Lo   life scenario Each of us receives an individual life scenario, which is approved before each of our new incarnations. As a result, everyone gets the opportunity to correct errors and misdeeds made in previous lives, i.e. negative karma. evolution This allows us to continue our movement to the next level of spiritual evolution.… Read More »Development of Consciousness. Insight. Part I