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“Flowers of Evil”(2016): Metaphysical Analysis by Jacklyn A. Lo

Poster of 'Pahan Kukat' (Flowers of Evil) featuring six actors in urban attire with a red, bold title at the center.

Metaphysical review of the Finnish Fil  Flowers of Evil (2016) (original title: “Pahan kukat”) by Jacklyn A. Lo.

This film has the potential to inspire emerging artists, especially those from foreign backgrounds. Although it takes steps toward addressing issues related to multiculturalism in Finnish society, it disappointingly falls short in some key areas.


Cultural Diversity
One of the strengths of this film is its focus on cultural diversity, particularly involving national minorities and children of immigrants. This is a fresh perspective in Finnish cinema, which often portrays a largely homogeneous society.


Unclear Protagonist
The film struggles with its character development. It’s not clear whether the story centers around the teenager Sipe, his stepbrother Juno, or their father. The absence of clear goals for these characters adds to the confusion.

Vague Antagonist
Similarly, it’s difficult to identify the antagonist—is it Finnish society, drug dealers, or something else entirely? 

Poor Structure
The film mainly focuses on setting up the story, giving the impression that we are stuck in the first act for almost the entire runtime. This results in a lack of resolution and a sense of unfulfillment for the viewer.

Delayed “Point of No Return”Structure
The crucial “point of no return” for the main characters is postponed until the film’s end. This leaves the audience wanting some sort of resolution, which never comes giving the impression that we are stuck in the first act for almost the entire runtime.

Missed Opportunities for Growth 
The film introduces several elements that could provide a resolution, such as Juno’s artistic talent and social workers’ interventions. For instance, Sipe could express his concerns about Juno in a school assignment, leading to a positive intervention from social workers. This would provide a more hopeful conclusion to the film.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, where the value of wealth often surpasses that of creativity and art—symbols of higher consciousness—it’s pivotal for societies to re-evaluate their priorities. As highlighted in my article, the value artists bring to society is immense, and the diminishing respect and support they receive is concerning.

Films like ‘Flowers of Evil‘ are a testament to the struggles artists face, emphasizing the need for countries like Finland to not only recognize but also financially support and elevate their artists. 

For more insight into the value of artists and their key role in society, refer to the article: “Why War? Summary /C”.




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