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Elizabeth (1998). Metaphysical Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Elizabeth ( 1998)

Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. LoElizabeth ( 1998), Director Shekhar Kapur.

An amazing historical film about women’s rights in 16th-century England,  and the struggle of Elizabeth I  for leadership in Europe.

woman as a country ruler

One of the most exciting things about the film is that a woman from 1500-es not only becomes the ruler of a country¹ but also succeeds in running the country and making her Spiritual  Choices toward Light.


At the beginning of the movie taking the highest risk, Elizabeth refuses to do what the reigning queen – her half-sister Mary I – forces her to do. (Courage is the value of LIGHTS).

Like any girl, she dreams of love and gets an attractive and charming admirer – Lord Robert. However, she turns in opposition and refuses her beloved when he lies to her (Lie is the value of Darkness).

high-class vision

But the most important thing is her high-class strategic vision, which is a direct sign of a high level of consciousness and high energy potential.
This property allowed her to forge her own path against the old-fashioned mainstream of her court advisors.

freedom of conscience

For example, during the struggle between Catholics and Protestants, Elizabeth clearly expresses her opinion on this matter. She states that “God is one” and generously grants freedom of conscience² to her subjects. This gesture confirms her spiritual aspiration to Light, as Freedom is the main Value of Lights.


Another remarkable feature of Elizabeth is her independence in thinking and making decisions. This remarkable woman-leader is well aware of her destiny, i.e. the program of her life project, and boldly exercises her Free Will for the benefit of the people of England.

This awesome film, Elizabeth (1998) is recommended to everyone who loves history and is interested in the leadership of a woman.



  • ¹Even nowadays in most countries women have limited rights for political power, decision-making, and equal salary
  • ² Even in the 21st century some political governments in Europe are not able to provide freedom of conscience for their citizens
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  • Picture in the article:  ©IMDb 


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