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Hacksaw Ridge (2016). Metaphysical Review

Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

It is not easy to gain Faith in God, but it is even more difficult to keep it.

                                                                                                          –  Jacklyn A. Lo


The biographical film Hacksaw Ridge (2016) directed by Mel Gibson is a high-end film with Faith and Courage.

The main character Desmond Doss is an advanced soul.

Promise to God

Defending his mother from his drunken father, teenage Desmond grabs a gun from his dad and nearly kills him. After that, the boy makes a promise to God never to take up arms again.

But then there is a war with Japan.  Like a man who wants to serve his country, Doss joins the army as a medical volunteer, not a soldier. However, as it turned out, even a medic must be armed with a rifle.

Spiritual Choice

Despite these strict rules and cruel bullying from the soldiers and officers, Desmond makes a tough Spiritual Choice toward Light – he refuses to break his promise to God (Faith in God is the Value of Lights).

As a result, he was summoned to a military court.

Fortunately, Desmond’s fiancée and his father suddenly supported Doss and swayed the court martial in his favor.
Finally, Desmond is going to serve as a medic without touching a gun.


On the battlefield, Desmont demonstrates high-end Courage. The most incredible this is that he continues helping the wounded soldiers even when the battle is over and everyone is gone.

This amazing Courage of Doss is just a confirmation of his Spiritual Direction toward Lights.

The task of finding and evacuating the injured is not easy and Desmont prays to God – to save as many wounded soldiers as possible.


Our Spiritual Father doesn’t like “to show off”, but He is very generous – that’s why he gives to Doss everything that he prayed for. That was a real miracle – after all, there were enemies around of armless Doss and the delivery of the wounded was a real challenge!


“Hacksaw Ridge” film is one of the best feature movies about Faith in God and Spiritual Choice toward His Values.

Based on real events. this movie is highly recommended to anyone who still doubts the existence of God and his forces, as well as to those who must decide whether to go on a military invasion of the territory of other countries.

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