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The Equalizer 2 (2018). Metaphysical Review

Equalizer2 ©IMDb

Metaphysical review of the movie The Equalizer 2 by Jacklyn A. Lo.


The Equalizer 2, directed by Antoine Fuqua, is a thriller with a rare high-profile protagonist.

The highest teachers of mankind teach – Do Not Kill!

Since Murder is a trait of Darkness, does this mean that anyone who kills another is a spiritual entity moving toward Darkness? The answer is – maybe yes, maybe no.

Spiritual Purity

It is hard to imagine that such a high-class soul as Gautama the Buddha would take up arms. Since his soul had accumulated a significant amount of spiritual purity, he was against killing anyone, even the smallest creature such as an insect.
However, what about the average soul? A soul whose consciousness is only on the way to perfection?

Main Goal of Life

Our life as a project is arranged in accordance with the energy deficit in our souls. Therefore, the main goal of life is to acquire such a specific spectrum.

Someone is given a peaceful life, and someone is offered a project to acquire physical strength, military skills, etc. This project can be associated with weapons and even murder.


However, we must distinguish between murders by intent.

If a person is developing a poison to kill crop pests, his intentions are different from the intentions of a person who is inventing a poison to kill people.

So, in the case of the main character of the film “The Equalizer 2” Robert McCall was trained to take on dangerous assignments, and following the film’s narrative, he did them well.

Spiritual Choice

Most likely, once or even several times he made a Spiritual Choice toward the Light.

Now he works not for hire, but according to his conscience

He voluntarily helps people survive when they suffer from injustice. Since  Compassion and Justice are the Values of the Light, Robert moves toward the Light.


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