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Why War? Part II

Human consciousness and daily energies
To move on to further analysis of why humanity experiences wars, let’s take a look at the hierarchy of human consciousness.
We shall assume a scale of the human consciousness on our planet from zero to one hundred.

0-25 levels of consciousness

Thus, at levels 0 to 25, we will get young souls who have recently entered the world of humans from the animal kingdom (illustration  1).
Typically, young souls have limited vocabulary and learning difficulties, resulting in them mostly doing only manual- or housework.

energy quality from young souls

Most of the young souls produce low-quality energies for the High Ones. 

Their job salaries are relatively low, which does not give them the opportunity to travel, visit theaters or museums, or have sophisticated hobbies.  Therefore, their free time again gives another portion of low-quality energy.

25-50 levels of consciousness 

It is conditionally possible to call the souls between 25-50 levels “techies“. 
“Techies” are souls who have already reincarnated hundreds of times and have accumulated quite a lot of knowledge about human life. Their ability to learn gives them the opportunity to get a bachelor’s degree and become a programmer, accountant, teacher, or nurse. “Techies” daily energies are of a higher quality than those brought by young souls. In addition, the amount of energy produced is greater.
Because of higher wages, they can have more sophisticated than young souls holidays, such as trips abroad, more expensive types of sports or hobbies, and also richer cultural and social life.
Consequently, techies produce a higher level of energy than young souls.

50-75  levels of consciousness 

Souls between 50 and 75 levels can be called “high professionals”.
It is not a problem for the “high professionals” to learn earthly things, and they may have a doctorate or a couple of master’s degrees.  Some of them are high-level intellectuals, linguists who speak a dozen languages, high-profile multi-business entrepreneurs, and so on.
The number of “high professionals” on the Earth is smaller than “techies”.
The “high professionals” are the highest-paid people, and they can afford to live in the best conditions with exquisite hobbies and recreation.
Consequently, “high professionals” produce a higher quality of energy than techies.

75-100  levels of consciousness 

The smallest group of people that we can call the “Treasury Fund” has the highest level of consciousness.
This “treasury fund” has nothing to do with money, but with the highest quality of energy, they are able to produce on a daily basis. 


The “Treasury Fund” group consists of artists, musicians, spiritual preachers, writers, healers, etc., as well as any person who is able to generate IDEAS and be CREATIVE

spiritual choice

The souls of the Treasury Fund have a higher consciousness compared to other types of souls.
However, some of them may come from other galaxies and less dense worlds than our planet. However, some of these souls evolved, reincarnating here on Earth, making multiple Spiritual Choices toward Light.

are we good?

Someone will say: “Great! We have guys who are able to give the supreme daily energies to the Highest Ones! What else?”
However, let’s take a closer look at this group.

lack of money for artists

Most people in the “Treasury Fund” group are Artists who are active in their youth.
The subtlest vibrations of their souls push them to realize their creativity. But where can they get the money for their projects?
Governmental or private grants provide financial support for only 10% of all applications*, therefore, only one artist out of ten will receive some money. This support is given for a few months and very often coverers only basic needs food and basic dwelling.
* The current situation in Finland (the year 2023)

dismissive attitude toward artists

With the exception of the most eminent artists, which are just a few, the general attitude towards artists is more dismissive than respectful.
For example, some wealthy people in the UK, when commissioning paintings to decorate their homes, would rather send servants to meet the artist than see him in person.

no monetary support for healers

Since public education in most Western countries provides only human anatomy, that is, knowledge about the physical body, most people form only a materialistic idea of themselves. 
Therefore, most people are not aware of their energy- or spiritual structure. Thus, for example, the seven-bodies structure of a human, knowledge of chakras, and energetic channels in the Western world exist only in esoteric literature.
As a result, prana-, energy– and spiritual healers, along with alternative medicine, for example, traditional Chinese medicine or Indian Ayurveda, receive only little or no government support at all.

spiritual preachers

Spiritual preachers, who are educating the spiritual awareness of people, contribute to their organizations exclusively free of charge. As a rule, they work somewhere else for a small salary.

film industry

The film industry is one of the most challenging for a creative soul because film production is very expensive.

To get into the film industry, writers try to hone their writing skills. At best, they are hired by a major movie studio to write a remake or sequel to a burgeoning television series, and they waste their precious time on other people’s projects, abandoning their own ideas.

value of an idea

Since most people do not understand what an idea is and what it takes to generate it, the value of an idea in the modern world is very low. Since no copyright protects an idea, it is often stolen without any financial compensation to the original author.
Struggling for material survival, artists often lose their creativity by working for wages. As they age, as their energy channels narrow, they lose the ability to generate their own ideas and be creative as before.


The highest quality energy requested by the Highest Ones comes from the Artist, i.e. “Treasury Fund“.
However, today’s world societies do not recognize the true value of those who are able to give this energy, i.e. artists, musicians or healers, and preachers.


  • This is an edited version of the original article posted Sunday, April 3, 2022, on the Spiritual Awareness blog.
  • In the next Part, we will look at how the souls of the Artists survive in the material world, and also assess the chances of replenishing the Artists’ “Treasury Fund”.
  • Main Illustration © FRG Worldwide Oy

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