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Why War? Part I

Photo of Konstantin Grishin / EPA

war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is a catastrophe that any sane person would like to prevent. But what specifically needs to be done for this from a spiritual point of view, and why do the Higher Forces allow wars?

To understand this, let’s look at why the planet Earth was created.

why Earth was created?

Pic. 1 Earth @

Pic. 1  Earth @

Planet Earth, humans, and the interactive platform for them were created by Higher Forces for two main reasons:
1. The need for earthly energies on a daily basis
2. Need for new resources, i.e.  souls to replenish the Higher Hierarchies
As in any project, the Higher Powers have set concrete goals for themselves and for the human race, therefore they expect results of a certain quality.


Let’s have a look at the daily energies first.  What are these energies? Where do they come from?
Energies come from people through:


There is a large spectrum of energies, which we could combine into three main groups

The highest quality
The average quality
The low-quality 


The highest quality of energy  😀 is coming from:

The average quality of the energy 😐 is the energy coming from:
Low-quality energy   is the energy coming from:  

Speculation and lies

Gossip and slander

Quarrel and swearing

Fun without learning

Drunken fights

However, Higher Powers need a certain quality and quantity of energy from us.

Pic. 2 Variations of Earthly energies

Pic. 2 Variations of Earthly energies

demand for quality

Let’s look at the qualitative-quantitative demand*  from the Higher Forces and the actual energies that we produce for them (Table 1).
Table 1. Energies Demand-Supply

Table 1. Energies Demand-Supply


The Highest Ones want us to produce 60% high-quality content, but we can only give them 10% of those, i.e six times less.  
They want us to generate only 30% energy average quality, but we give them twice as much.
And, finally, the Higher Powers set a threshold of 10% for low-quality energies, and we give them 30% of those.

In other words, we do not provide the Supreme with the results that they need.

quality of souls

The Higher Ones also have requirements for the certain quality of the souls themselves. The quality of a soul mainly depends on the Spiritual Choice of the soul. 

hierarchy of Lights

Souls with a multiple-choice towards Light acquire such qualities that allow them to enter the Hierarchy of Lights

hierarchy of Darks

Souls with a multiple-choice towards Darkness acquire such qualities that allow them to enter the Hierarchy of Darks.
Pic. 1 Hierarchy of Lights vs Hierarchy of Darks

Pic. 1 Hierarchy of Lights vs Hierarchy of Darks

the main principle

One of the main principles is that the Hierarchy of Lights must be larger and more powerful than the Hierarchy of Darks.
Therefore, the demand for souls with the qualities of Light is higher than for souls with the qualities of Darkness(pic. 1). 
So, how well do we satisfy this requirement of the Supreme?
To answer this question, let’s build Table 2 with the Demand-Supply of souls*.
Table 2. Demand-Supply for souls

Table 2. Demand-Supply for souls

spiritual choice

As you can see from Table 2, we are again far from ideal – people make their Spiritual Choice toward Darkness much more often than toward LightIn other words, the Higher Ones receive an excess of lower-quality souls and a lack of higher-quality ones.


Souls who have chosen Degradation are the least desirable for the Highest. 
The Higher Ones spent much more energy on the production and development of these souls than they received in return. Therefore, in the end, as unprofitable, these souls are sent for decoding. The more degenerates, the less beneficial for the Highest project of humanity on planet Earth.



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