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Why War? Part III

Migration of Artists souls
Having a higher consciousness, the souls of the “Treasury Fund” have the ability to see all the flaws and imperfections of the physical reality, so they sincerely want to improve the world around them.


But in order to develop an idea to improve the world and start a project, Artists need money. So, some of them get a part-time job, at least to cover the cost of housing and food.
Such work is usually low-paid manual labor (migration A).

low consciousness

In the process of migration, the sophisticated souls face the primitiveness of low consciousness among their co-workers and suffer. Many can’t stand and give up the development of their own ideas.  As a result, they go to learn a “proper” profession that could provide them with a predictable monthly income ( migration B).

physical world

Understanding the primitiveness of most of the knowledge of the physical world, the souls of the “Treasury Fund” rarely go for master’s degrees or Ph.D. studies (migration C).

The souls of those Artists who have lost hope become depressed and end up in a psychiatric hospital. At worst, they kill themselves (D migration).

life project

The interruption of a life project by premature death is harmful not only to the soul itself but also to the Higher Ones.

Our Higher Brothers invest a lot of resources for the incarnation of the soul and for its maintenance on Earth. If a person interrupts his life project, the return on Their investment in him/her becomes negative.

high-quality energies

Someone might say, “I don’t believe it’s that bad. There must be other ways to make high-quality energies for the Highest, not only through the daily energies of Treasury Fund’s souls.

Well, that’s partly true. And now we come to another significant point – Spiritual Choice.

spiritual choice

To be able to make any choice, including Spiritual Choices, a person must have Free Will.


Free Will

Free Will as a Gift at Human’s Birth

free will

Our Spiritual Father gives Free Will to every soul at its first incarnationUsually, the initial incarnation into a human body is given to the soul of a former animal. In other words, a  soul enters the human world from the animal kingdom ( illustration 1).


Illustration 1. The Origin of Young Souls 

costs of free will

The gift of Free Will is quite costly for our Creator because instead of a simple direct program, Heavenly programmers need to make many branches. However, regardless of the expense, our Spiritual Father goes to that extra expense because he wants us to be diverse and individual.

spiritual choice

Illustration 2. Spiritual Choice and the Following After Destiny

Spiritual Choice plays the main role in the diversification of our souls.

spiritual directions

At the moment of a Spiritual Choice, a person faces two main spiritual directions – towards Light and Darkness ( illustration 2).  Degradation is a sub-direction and this is the worst-case scenario for any soul.

spiritual test

Spiritual Choice could be set as a Spiritual test for any person or group of people. The size of a group can be as big as a nation, country, or civilization

spiritual values

The guideline of the Spiritual Choice is always a set of Intangible Values, where the Values of Darkness are opposite to the Values of Light.
Find below some samples of the Values of Darkness and Values of Light.







negative karma

Making a conscious Spiritual Choice towards the values of Darkness, a spiritual entity* acquires negative karma. As a result, it receives a program containing a special lesson. The executors of the program in case of negative karma are the Dark Ones. Negative karma always brings suffering
* In this case by a spiritual entity we mean an individual person or  individual nation

light ones

If the spiritual entity worked hard on the mistakes and completely extinguished the negative karma, the executor from the Dark Ones is replaced by the executor from the Light Ones.
The program that includes the Values of Darkness will be replaced by the program with the Values of Light.


  • This is an edited version of the original article posted Sat, April 9, 2022, on the Spiritual Awareness blog.
  • Find more about multiple Spiritual Choices in the Redemption Novel
  • The Main Photo © FRG Worldwide Oy
  • In Part IV we will consider what will happen to Free Will if a spiritual entity constantly chooses  Darkness. Also, we shall check out who tests and tempts us and why.

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