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Why War? Part IV

Free Will


In this part, we will look at what will happen to Free Will if a spiritual entity constantly chooses Darkness, as well as who and how tests and tempts us and why.

free will is a key to freedom

As we learned in Part III, Our Spiritual Father gave us Free Will, which allows us to enjoy individuality and freedom. However, do we have any obligations to Him for this gift? The answer is  Yes and No
Let’s deal with this.

free will and spiritual direction

A  Spiritual entity moves toward the Light

In the event that a spiritual entity keeps its Spiritual Direction more or less toward Light, Free Will remains with it until the Final Exit1 from the physical world.

B.  Spiritual entity moves toward the Darkness

However, if a spiritual entity repeatedly makes  Spiritual Choices toward Darkness and crosses the point of no return2, Free Will is taken away ( illustration 1).
Illustration 1. Loss of Free Will


The logic of the taken Freedom of Will is simple – if a person constantly chooses the Values of Darkness, where the main one is SLAVERY, then he does not deserve Freedom.



selling soul

The loss of Free Will is often compared to selling the soul to Satan.
A soul, which originally belonged to God, consciously or subconsciously chooses the priorities of Darkness. Rejecting the values of Light during a number of lives, the soul becomes a SLAVE of SATAN. The desire to give Free Will to Satan is the end of a The desire to give Free Will to Satan is the end of a person’s Freedom of Will.

who tests us

But who is interested in depriving a person of Free Will and why?
As we already mentioned, the most interested party in it is the Head of Darkness – Satan. Having taken away a person’s Free Will, Satan replaces the human’s will with HIS OWN WILL and subjugates the man to himself. 
The man can no longer control his own decision. From the point of view of outsiders, it looks as if a person has acquired an irrational pattern of behavior. This can be compared to how a person is driving a car to a certain place and knows the route well, but suddenly he makes an unexpected turn in an unnecessary direction, not understanding why he is doing it.

a beneficiary of free will loss

Satan is the direct beneficiary of man’s renunciation of Free Will.
Satan not only becomes the full owner of the man’s soul, but now He can use this soul as His own when and where He wants it.

satan and his tools

In order to lure more and more people into His bondage, Satan has developed a number of seductive tools to help achieve His purposes (Illustration 2).


Satan's tools

Illustration 2 Satan’s tools to tempt man

sex, money, drugs, power

Tools such as sex, money, drugs, power, etc. help Satan test and tempt people. Very often He affects a person through his arrogance.
The first step for Satan is to hook a person on one of His tools, and then on to the next one. 

false pride

False pride is a premise for becoming hooked by Satan.
Making a person more and more dependent, Satan forces him to step over the Values of Light, delving into the Values of Darkness.  As a result of this process, a person makes a Final Spiritual Choice toward Darkness, not realizing the danger of this step.


  • Free Will is a gift given to us by our Spiritual Father (i.e. Head of Light, God).
  • We can exercise Free Will as long as we move more or less toward the Light.
  • Once a Spiritual entity has made its Ultimate choice in favor of Darkness, Free Will is taken away and replaced by the will of Satan, the Head of Darkness.
  • Satan is the direct beneficiary of the loss of man’s Free Will because in this case, he can lead man to where He wants
  • Therefore, Satan has developed sophisticated tools to push a man to make a Spiritual Choice toward Darkness.


  1. This is an edited version of the original article posted Wed, April 13, 2022, on the Spiritual Awareness blog.
  2. Final Exit – is a liberation from the physical world, no return.
  3. Point of no return – a point of the Final Spiritual Choice toward Darkness
  4. Spiritual Choice concerns not only an individual but also a group of people and even a nation.
  5. The Main Photo © FRG Worldwide Oy
  6. In Part V we will look at the Spiritual Choice towards Darkness by the Russian ruler Nicholas II in 1914. 

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