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What is the Spiritual Choice of Degradation?

Spiritual Choice - Degradation

Degradation is the worst case of Spiritual Choice.

The main reason for the Spiritual Choice of Degradation is the inability or unwillingness of a person to work, i.e. make money or goods on his own.

Usually, such people choose a parasitic way of life. They take advantage of the kindness or compliance of their immediate environment, such as family members who provide them with housing, food, etc., or society that pays them donations for survival.

Sometimes the parasitic way of life works hand-by-hand with other sins. The Seven Deadly Sins are well presented in David Fincher‘s feature film “Se7en” (1995).



In the worst case, the Spiritual Direction to Degradation is chosen not by one person, but by a group of people, for example, a country or even a whole civilization. Find more about the degradation of the country in my article “Why War? Part VII” and of a futuristic civilization in my review of the film “WALL-E”.



Animated film Wall-E. ©IMDb


The main risk for degradants is the steady loss of energies once accumulated in their souls. As a result, they do not evolve, as required by the Law of Evolution, but face Involution.

However, the decoding of the soul does not occur after the first worthless life project. Our High Brothers give us a chance to correct our mistakes. But if the spiritual entity chooses the Spiritual Direction to Degradation for four lives in a row, then it loses most of the energies once acquired. As the previous theoretical knowledge and work experience disappear, the soul becomes useless.

Spiritual Death 

Incapable of Evolution, worthless souls, become unnecessary either in the hierarchy of God or in the hierarchy of Satan. This leads to a high probability of their decryption, i.e., Spiritual Death*.

Decryption is the worst-case scenario for any spiritual entity, as this means the end of the Spiritual existence of the human, i.e. no continuation in any form.

For example, a person made a Spiritual Choice in favor of Degradation during his four past lives. In real life, he again chooses Degradation. As a result, after his physical death, or even during his lifetime, his soul will face Spiritual Death.

Spiritual Death means that the left of energy accumulated during all incarnations of the soul, including minerals, animals, etc., will be permanently erased. Man will die as a Spiritual Being without the right to incarnate again. The life in the personality of this man was his last life.


An Angel Leading a Soul into Hell.

An Angel Leading a Soul into Hell © Art UK

However, there are also some other types of Degradation. For example when the higher-end energetic spiritual being, such as an Angel, suddenly makes a Spiritual Choice toward Darkness. Such Degradation is well introduced in the feature film City of Angeles (1998).  Read details in my review of the movie.

In any case, even in one lifetime, Degradation is the worst-case scenario for Spiritual Choice.


  1. The reference book: “SOUL CHOICE” by contactees L. Seklitova and L. Strelnikova
  2. This is an edited version of the article, the original was published in the Spiritual Awareness, on 10 Jan 2021 

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