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Why War? Part X

Cartoon Titanic Pu @ V. Kazanevsky

History is not made by leaders, but by their Choice  –  Jacklyn A. Lo 


We must recognize that everything begins in the metaphysical realm, where our intentions are born, turning into thoughts. In the physical environment, we shift our thoughts into words, and finally into our actions.


We live in a very interesting time when a fairly large nation like Ukraine makes its Spiritual Choice toward the Light!


It is even more amazing to realize that most civilized countries have come together to help Ukraine confront the real Mordor that appeared on our planet Earth. We can say that these lands have voluntarily joined the Choice towards the Light!
Paris in colours of Ukraine. Feb 2023

Paris in colors of Ukraine. Feb 2023 ©Sortiraparis

The Power of Leadership

The main person making decisions on the Spiritual Choice of the country is, of course, the leader of the country. And people (a nation) are influencers in his/her choice.

Volodimir Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky was born on 25 January 1978 into a highly educated family and since childhood, he has been accustomed to different cultures.
In this regard, it can be assumed that the environment from the very beginning supported his personal development.
Fig.1 Growth of Consciousness of V. Zelensky

High Energy and Consciousness

As a child, Volodymyr studied at a school with in-depth study of a foreign (English) language and had a variety of hobbies, including music. Therefore, he initially had a level of the energy potential of his soul and consciousness above the average.

Degree of Lawyer

Studying at the university and obtaining the qualification of a lawyer allowed him to increase his soul’s energy potential and level of consciousness above level 50 ( Fig. 1).
 The biggest upgrade in his consciousness, however, came from his choice of a career as an Artist as well as a big success in the field of entertainment* ( consciousness level above 75).
*Showman, artist, comedian, artistic director, and leader of the Kvartal-95 society, former member and general producer of the Ukrainian TV channel Inter, and screenwriter.

Artists = Treasury Fund

As we learned in Part II of this article, artists are our “Treasury Fund”capable of giving Humanity the largest number of souls making a Spiritual Choice toward Light. 

Choice of Freedom

After the Russian invasion began, Zelensky declared martial law throughout Ukraine and the general mobilization of the armed forces. He himself did not leave the country, although he could.
So, on February 24, 2022, V. Zelensky chose Freedom, where Freedom is the main Value of Lights.

That was a historically and Spiritually significant Choice, the Choice toward Light!




Confronting the Values of Darks allowed Zelensky to raise his consciousness even higher.


We must understand that the Head of Darks Satan is not a kind and nice guy, but the founder of the Values ​​of Darkness, where Slavery is His key value. Therefore Satan is actively looking for new slaves.
Fig. 2 Spiritual choice of V..Zelensky on behalf of Ukraine

Slavery vs Freedom

Satan is ready to buy off as many slaves as he can and is ready to pay for it with everything he owns in the materialistic world.
He skilfully plays on the false pride of those people who are greedy for the values ​​​​of the physical world.
Dictators, addicted to money, power, magic, etc., are a great help to Satan on His path to gaining a higher energy potential, i.e. getting more soulsBeing result oriented, He keeps them in great tension.

Spiritual Choice of Light

The Spiritual Choice of Light is very difficult and requires great Spiritual Strength. Therefore, the supporters of the Values ​​of Light must provide all possible help to Ukraine to protect its Choice of Freedom and Peace.

Our Spiritual Father

We must remember that our Spiritual Father, DOES NOT WANT WAR. The War in Ukraine is given only as a last opportunity to set us on the right path (see Why War? Part I).

If Ukraine surrendered to the aggressor?

You ask: “What would happen if Ukraine surrendered to the aggressor?”
The Choice in favor of Slavery in a country of 40 million would increase the imbalance between souls moving toward Darkness and Light.  And if the “trend” of slavery would have spread further to several countries the existence of humanity on our planet would be called into question as a failed project.

Sodom, Gomorrah & Atlantis

We must not forget the terrible end of the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah or the death of the haughty high-tech Atlantis.

Our fate is in our hands

We must realize that our Earth is just one of the countless projects of our Spiritual Father.

Replicas of Earth

Our planet is a replica of Mother Earth*, which acted 100 years before us.  Since the quality of the energies produced on that Earth was far from what the Higher Ones wanted, they allowed the “red button” to be pressed to destroy that planet.
There is another planet that is 30 years behind us. The Higher Ones are correcting the mistakes of our humanity on this younger planet. If we destroy ourselves, they will still have the backup.
And we have to remember that the Higher Ones can create as many planets as they want.


Mother-, Sister-, and Our Planet Earth
* Information has been received by Contactees with the Higher Powers L. Strelnikova, L. Seklitova


  • The War in Ukraine is given by purpose

  • The Choice of Slavery is backed by Satan and his servants

  • Ukraine has made its Spiritual Choice – toward the Light

  • All Civilized World supports the Choice of Ukraine

  • The key figure for this Choice is the Leader of Ukraine – the Artist

  • The destiny of Our planet and humanity is in our own hands



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