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Father Stu ( 2022). Spiritual Movie Review

Father Stu ( 2022). Spiritual Movie Review

This is a Faith-based film reviewed by Jacklyn A. Lo.

Faith in God

 “Father Stu” (2022) is one of the best biopic films about the hard path of a man to Faith in God.

Stuart ( Stu in short) is a professional boxer with a father who is a drunkard living for his own pleasure and a loving mother, without a spiritual spark


His life destiny brings him to a change – leaving boxing. He tries to become an actor but to no avail. In the meanwhile, he meets a Mexican girl who is Catholic.

To move on to a relationship with a girl, he is baptized.

Despite this new life curve, he continues to solve problems in the same way as before – with his fists. Even in confession, Stuart’s speech is full of profanity.

However, our Higher Brothers see that Stuart has a good potential for Spiritual growth. For this reason, they decided to create a problem in Stuart’s life.


Before that, to attract attention, a messenger is sent to him.

We do not know the details of whether this is a real person or a talking hologram, but he predicts to Stu the further development of events in his personal life. The stranger also warns Stuart not to drive that night. However, Stu ignores the weird guy’s warning and gets behind the wheel.

Holy Virgin

A series of strange coincidences on an almost empty road leads Stuart into a serious traffic accident. Again, our Higher Brothers are using their valuable resources to send Stu a message via the image of the Holy Virgin. The short conversation with the mother of Jesus should encourage Stu to move on with his life script no matter what. 

In addition, the supernatural events help shape Stuart’s Faith in God and his deeds.


Coming out of a deep coma, Stu decides to become a Catholic priest. (The courage2 and adventurism of this guy, using every opportunity, is stunning).

But on the way to his further life goal, Stu faces a new obstacle – his physical health is threatened by a terminal illness. His flippant mother recommends that he spend the rest of his life in pleasure, but Stu has the guts to refuse this worthless idea. This challenge works for him as a Spiritual Choice toward Light.

A Choice toward Light always requires inner Spiritual Strength. The reward for this is improved consciousness.


He prefers to continue following his goal – to become a priest. During this troublesome journey, Stu constantly improves his consciousness. Besides other spiritual revelations, this enables him to understand not only the purpose of suffering but also its value.


“Father Stu” (2022)   written and directed by Rosalind Ross is a great Faith-based movie to watch and recommended for any Spiritual Seeker.


Any change is formed by the Universal Law of Change

2 Courage is one of the Values of Light

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