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Wall-E ( 2008). Metaphysical Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Wall and Eve

Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. LoWall-E

The Wall-E (2008) directed by Andrew Stanton, is a stunning animated movie worth watching by the whole family.

Evolution of Machines vs the Involution of Humans

In short, this film is about the futuristic reality with the evolution of machines vs the involution of humans. The main character is Wall-E, the last survivor on Earth. It’s an old-fashioned robot, which is left by human civilization a long time ago.


Wall-E,  due to an unknown reason not only outlasted the catastrophe but also generated “human-like” qualities. He built a cozy but functional environment for himself and developed compassion for others ( for example for his only buddy cockroach). Continuing his hard duties as a cleaner he comes home where he dreams of love. (Love – Value of Lights)

Machines and Humans

Meeting Eve brings a dramatic change in Wall-E’s life and he doesn’t hesitate to follow her to her home base – a spaceship. The huge aerospace vehicle is occupied not only by robots but also by humans.


Spiritual Direction of Degradation

This human civilization, obsessed with laziness and unearned comfort, long ago chose the Spiritual direction of Degradation.

Several generations later, due to multiple Spiritual Choices of Degradation, the people on the ship became mutants. This obese race not only cannot walk, but they have almost forgotten how to read and do any physical or mental work (including personal communication with each other) on their own!


Fortunately, due to Wall-E’s insistence on rescuing Eve, the spaceship turns towards Mother Earth.

The only small green plant left provides life to many herbs and gives birth to Hope (Spiritual Value of Lights) for the better.


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