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The Drop (2014). Metaphysical in Film

Metaphysical review - The Drop (2014)

Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. LoThe Drop” (2014).

Director:  Michael R. Roskam. Writer: Dennis Lehane.

False Pride

The key phrase in this film is False Pride.

Bob’s current life is realized in the harsh environment of Brooklyn, infested with low-level mafia gangs. Bob makes a reasonable living working as a bartender in a pub that was previously owned by Cousin Marv.
At first glance, Bob is a humble guy who is doing nothing but pouring drinks to clients and obeying whatever comes to him. For example, Bob is willing to pay ten thousand dollars to Eric Deeds for Eric’s ex-dog’s well-being.

Own Value

Simultaneously in the film, we follow the life story of Cousin Marv, a large, unremarkable middle-aged man.

Both protagonists open up in private conversation when Cousin Marv tells Bob of his own great value and the meaning of his “boss chair”. His speech is full of pride in himself, which shows him as an undeveloped soul.

In opposition, Bob shows himself to be a mature soul.  He has a different idea of who Marv is. Bob clearly realizes that this pride has no value because it is based on Marv’s zero accomplishments. And Bob’s answer is very short and clear – the chair, which is of great importance to Marv, is just a chair, nothing more. This plot’s situation deserves more than 10 points!

Separate the Tares from the Grain

After all, this episode shows the difference in the energy potentials of the protagonists’ souls. One is a young soul full of false pride, and the other is a more experienced soul, able to separate the tares from the grains and draw clever conclusions.

Who am I?

Life is not easy and Bob had some blunders.  And at the end of the film, he wonders if he belongs to God or the Devil, that is, he asks: “Who am I?”

Well, he has a soul, which is definitely moving towards the Light. Because those who have given their souls to Satan have no sympathy or compassion for others, be they humans or animals, but Bob has.

On the topic “Who am I?” the film is similar to such films as Father Stu (2022), Requiem for a Dream ( 2000), Kyle XY ( 2006-2009), and others.


The Drop” (2014) is a thought-provoking movie about human pride, recommended to watch to any independent thinker!



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