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What is the Right Spiritual Choice?

Right Spiritual Choice


In the hierarchy of our God, the Right Spiritual Choice is the Choice toward the Light.
Each Spiritual Choice is supported by Spiritual values, where the Spiritual values of the Light Ones have a quality that is opposite to the Spiritual values of the Dark Ones ( Table 1).


Spiritual Values

Table 1. Spiritual Values of Spiritual Direction toward Light and Darkness


However, a Spiritual Being engaged in daily activities is not necessarily aware of Spiritual Values. In most cases, only the situation of Spiritual Choice makes a person activate his inner feelings, analytical thinking, and intuition to choose his further Spiritual Direction.

This situation with the Spiritual Choice towards Light is well represented in the supernatural horror film The Rite directed by Mikael Håfström. Find more in the review of the film “The Rite”.

Multiple Spiritual Choices Toward Light

Multiple Spiritual Choices toward Light are the best-case scenario for any spiritual entity. It guarantees the least number of incarnations to achieve Liberation from Physical reality and its dedicated risks and provides the soonest membership in the team of Lights.

For example, a spiritual entity has made Spiritual Choices toward Light for five lives in a row. In the present life, that spiritual entity again goes for Light. As a result, he/she reaches extra Spiritual enlightenment, upgrades his consciousness, and approaches the Final Exit.

Multiple Spiritual Choices toward Light and their consequences are properly described in Jacklyn A. Lo‘s Redemption novel.


Ann and Rob. Novel Redemption

Ann and Rob. Novel Redemption


The high-tech executive in Artificial Intelligence International with the help of her AL pal Rob, girlfriend Nina, and psychic travels to her past lives to discover her Spiritual Choices which she did.  Find more via dialogs between Ann and her Artificial friend Rob.

Why is Spiritual Choice Toward Light so Hard?

The Hierarchy of God is the most demandable domain. Therefore, the requirements to get into it are the toughest.

Let’s take a simplified example. For instance, to enter the prestigious Harvard University you need to have an excellent Grade Point Average from your previous school, as well as a high score in the entrance exams. It’s the same with entering God’s Hierarchy – you have to make the right Spiritual Choice in addition to doing good work every day.

Risks of Spiritual Choice Toward Light

As with anything in physical reality, the Spiritual Choice towards Light has its own riskDegradation. A danger of degradation can appear if a person underestimates the risks of physical reality. 

For example, a man gives his kidney to his dying wife. As Compassion is a Spiritual Value of Light, his Spiritual Choice is a Choice toward Light.

The wife recovered but left the man taking his property*. Due to disability, the man, who was a sportsman, can’t continue his carrier.  Being psychologically and financially broke, he finds no use for himself and becomes an alcoholic. 

Alcohol shortens his life project and continuously reduces his energy potential, which has been gathered by a person before. As a result, the ex-sportsman faces the worst-case scenario in his life – Degradation.


* The reason for the betrayal can be the man’s similar act in one of his past lives, that is, the Law of Karma works. However, we cannot know for sure.


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