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Why War? Part V

Tsar's choice


The Spiritual Choice of a nation or country is the most exciting because we can trace the consequences of the Choice on the historical timeline. 

spiritual direction

As for the Higher Powers, a Spiritual Choice of the country is an effective tool for checking the Spiritual Direction of a significant number of people.

Just as with the Spiritual Choice of one person, the country must choose one of the Spiritual Directions – the Direction to Light, or Direction to Darkness, or the Sub-direction to Degradation.

leader as a key decision-maker

Usually, the leader of the country is the key person making the decision about the Spiritual Direction. The people of the country in this case are the main influencers on the leader.

The leader may be the president of the country, a prime minister, a king, or any other person chosen as the political or spiritual leader.
The duration of the Spiritual Choice of a nation, the same as in the case of a person, is unpredictable and can sometimes reach several years.
In this part of the article “Why War?” we will take a look at the Spiritual Choice of Russia, which the country made over a hundred years ago.


So, first of all, we must understand that before each Spiritual Choice, the Higher Ones design programs for three Directions of the Choice.

They are a program for Direction toward Light, a program for Direction toward Darkness, and a program for Direction toward Degradation. This work is carried out in the form of holograms on a subtle plane, invisible to an average human.

spiritual strength

We must also realize that the Choice towards Light is much more difficult than the Choice towards Darkness, and requires the Spiritual strength of the leader.

beginning of the 20th century

So, let’s plunge into the beginning of the 20th century when Russia was an empire with a population of 200 million. In July 1914, the ruler of the Russian EmpireTsar Nicholas II, had to decide whether his country would enter Serbia – Austria-Hungary War or not.

Russian prophet

Two years earlier, the Russian prophet Grigory Rasputin dissuaded Tsar Nicolas II from entering the war in the Balkans.

However, in the summer of 1914, the seriously wounded Grigory is in the hospital and does not have the opportunity to personally talk with the tsar.


The clairvoyant Rasputin sees both programmed holograms based on the future Spiritual Choice of the king – no war (Choice to Light), and entry into the war (Choice of Darkness).

Gregory tries to convey his vision to the tsar, but to no avail – driven by false pride, Nicholas II decides to mobilize the Russian army.

Find more about Grigory Rasputin in the article “Grigory Rasputin – Light or Dark?”


All predictions of Grigory came true.

As a result of the Tsar’s Spiritual Choice towards Darkness, Grigory was brutally murdered, the royal family, along with relatives, were killed, and Russia fell under the control of the Dark Ones.

The main representatives of the Darks in Russia became  V. Uljanov-Lenin and later J. Dzhugashvili-Stalin


law of karma 

Despite the fact that there were armed forces that opposed the Bolsheviks, the Law of Karma (“God’s Wrath” by Grigory Rasputin) allowed the Darks to seize power in Russia and occupy the entire country.  Millions of souls were forced to the Values of Darkness.





However, what would be the future of Russia if Nicholas II made the opposite Spiritual Choice, i.e.  Choice toward Light You can find the answer to this question and an alternative future of Russia in the TV script The Tsar’s Choice”.



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