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Spiritual Choice vs Daily Choice. Part II

Spiritual Choice

Let’s look at the next criterion, such as the Consequences of a Choice for the individual.

The effect of a Spiritual Choice on the inner vibrations of a human is more than significant.

In the case of a Choice toward Light, a spiritual entity can remarkably upgrade its inner world by higher vibrations of Light. The amplitude of inner vibrations will dramatically increase, providing an upgrade of Consciousness and following “enlightenment”. 

However, the most important is the totality of Spiritual Choices toward Light. The best example of the multiple Spiritual Choices of Light is presented in the novel Redemption by Jacklyn A. Lo.


Spiritual Choice vs Daily Choice

Table 1. Spiritual Choice vs. Daily Choice

A Spiritual Choice toward Darkness leads to a coarsening of Consciousness, narrowing the vision of the advantages of moving toward the Light. In addition, the multiple Spiritual Choice of Darkness leads to the loss of Free Will and enslavement by Satan. A reference film is Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992).

The daily choice, on the contrary, does not affect the vibrations of a soul and, therefore, does not affect the Consciousness and Spiritual Direction of the person.

Change of the Choice

Once a Spiritual Choice is made, it’s impossible to go back.
The Spiritual Choice works as a trigger for opening the way for the next segment of life. There are several options for the future path of life, and all of them are already programmed for one Choice or another.
A very good film describing the “trigger” process is Fearless (1993). Find the details in my review of the movie. 
Programmed Life-Paths

Programmed Life Paths via Choice

The number of pre-programmed lifepaths is normally two to three, in line with the given Spiritual Directions. An ordinary person cannot “see” these options in advance, but some highly energetically and spiritually developed people can make accurate predictions. 
One such clairvoyant and healer was Grigory Rasputin.  This outstanding person was able to predict the future not only of individuals but also of large groups of people, for example, a country.
You can find out more about Grigory Rasputin via the movie Rasputin ( 1996)  by Uli Edel and Peter Pruce and in our review of this film
Unlike the Spiritual Choice, a daily choice can be easily replaced with another one. For example, one morning you prefer to drink coffee, and the next day you choose tea.

Effect of a Choice on Liberation

A Spiritual Choice toward the Light works as a shortcut to the upgrade of human consciousness, enlightenment*, and liberation from Physical Reality.
“Liberation” in this context means gaining freedom from samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth**. We can also call it Final Exit.
Low-energy daily choices, on the other hand, cannot affect the Final Exit.

Number of  Choices 

In Spiritual Choice, the number of choices is limited to two or three:

A Choice Towards Light

A Choice Towards Darkness

A Choice Towards Degradation


Decision-making has more options than Spiritual Choice.
For example, you may want to consider multiple colleges for further study. These options can be based on the location of a college, amount of tuition, subjects, job opportunities, etc.
Daily choice, on the other hand, requires no restrictions on options to choose. To the question “What to drink?” you can choose tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juice, water, or skip them all altogether.

The Affect of Spiritual Values on Choice

A Spiritual Choice is always connected to the Highest Intangible Values
A Spiritual Choice for Spiritual Direction toward Darkness is always based on the Values of Darks. And in the opposite, the Spiritual Choice for Spiritual Direction toward Light is always based on the Values of Lights.  







For example, tough mob boss Tony Montana in Scarface made his Spiritual Choice for the Light based on his spiritual values such as Love and Humanity. Read the full review of Scarface( 1983)


On the contrary, a nice guy Sweeney Todd having got into prison generates Hatred and Cruelty in his mental field.

As Hatred and Cruelty are values of Darkness, returning home he makes his Spiritual Choice in favor of Darkness. Read more in our film review Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Read more in our review of Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

As opposed to Spiritual Choice a daily choice has no attachment to Spiritual Values. Also, unlike Spiritual Choice, decision-making based on information gathering and analytical thinking does not have a connection to the Highest Intangible Values. This is a key differentiation between a Spiritual Choice and decision-making.


*Enlightenment is a significant change in a way of thinking, for example, due to Spiritual Choice toward Light.
** Samsara = reincarnation

This article is the edited version of the article Spiritual Choice. Part I ( Feb 5, 2021)

Reference book: L. Seklitova, L. Strelnikova “Soul choice”

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