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Metaphysical in Film – Jacklyn A. Lo

Metaphysics in Film are reviews of films written by Jacklyn A. Lo.

Jacklyn is the author of the Redemption novel and several screenplays with metaphysical content.

A few years ago, while walking through a secluded forest, Jacklyn set herself an ambitious new goal – to make a feature film.

Inspired, she started to write a script, which eventually became a thick novel. The theme of the novel, provided by Higher Consciousness, made the story unique and unforgettable.

Jacklyn has a Master’s Degree in Technology, an MBA in Finance, and two years of study at the High School of Astrology.

Guided by her destiny, she spent years independently studying new age and spiritual topics. However, the major rise of her consciousness was due to her Spiritual Choice toward the Light.

Now Jacklyn offers a unique opportunity to review or develop your film from a metaphysical point of view. The offer is valid for a limited time only.

The Fencer ( 2015)

Fencer ( 2015). Metaphysical Movie Review

  Metaphysical review Jacklyn A. Lo for the film “The Fencer ( 2015)“. Since this film is partially based on true events, and its plot – on real historical facts, this makes the story realistic and believable. Young man Endel Nelis flees the brutality of the Stalinist secret police  in a small town. His goal is to hide in this place in anticipation of better… Read More »Fencer ( 2015). Metaphysical Movie Review

The Last Duel. Movie review

The Last Duel ( 2021). Movie Review

Metaphysical review of The Last Duel (2021) by Jacklyn A. Lo Based on a true story, The Last Duel ( 2021) directed by Ridley Scott, is a rare-to-find film about Women’s Rights and the Justice of God. Our modern model of the physical world on Earth is based on male consciousness. Consciousness The consciousness of men, on average, is lower than the consciousness of women,… Read More »The Last Duel ( 2021). Movie Review

Equalizer2 ©IMDb

The Equalizer 2 (2018). Review

Metaphysical review of the movie The Equalizer 2 by Jacklyn A. Lo.   The Equalizer 2, directed by Antoine Fuqua, is a thriller with a rare high-profile protagonist. The highest teachers of mankind teach – do not kill! Since Murder is a trait of Darkness, does this mean that anyone who kills another is a spiritual entity moving toward Darkness? Maybe yes, maybe no. Spiritual… Read More »The Equalizer 2 (2018). Review

Metaphysical Review of Film Marley by Jacklyn A. Lo

Marley (2012). Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

  Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. Lo – Marley (2012). The Marley (2012) directed by Kevin Macdonald, is an inspiring documentary movie recommended to anyone, but especially to musicians. Creativity Creativity is not a high-speed road, but a sideway with many branches. However, the destiny of a real artist like Marvey is to build his own unique track. In spite of all obstacles and… Read More »Marley (2012). Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Cover of Feature Film Se7en

Se7en ( 1995). Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. Lo – Se7en ( 1995), director David Fincher. This is an awesome mystery film with metaphysical elements. In a period of church crisis, there is a high need for content that would give people some answers to the question of what is good and what is bad. spiritual awakening “Seven” is a rare film capable of promoting spiritual awakening… Read More »Se7en ( 1995). Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Elizabeth ( 1998)

Elizabeth (1998). Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. Lo – Elizabeth ( 1998), Director Shekhar Kapur. An amazing historical film about England in the 16th century and the struggle for leadership in the country and Europe. woman as a country ruler One of the most exciting things about the film is that a woman from 1500-es not only becomes the ruler of a country* but also succeeds… Read More »Elizabeth (1998). Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Wall and Eve

Wall-E ( 2008). Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. Lo – Wall-E.  The Wall-E ( 2008) directed by Andrew Stanton, is a stunning animated movie worth watching by the whole family. Evolution of Machines vs the Involution of Humans In short, this film is about the futuristic reality with the evolution of machines vs the involution of humans. The main character is Wall-E, the last survivor on Earth.… Read More »Wall-E ( 2008). Review by Jacklyn A. Lo